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Quench is a range of replenishing and revitalising oils for dreadlocks.

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Quench is a range of replenishing and revitalising oils for dreadlocks. It can also be massaged into the scalp and used as an excellent all over body moisturiser.

* Easily absorbed by hair and skin & does not cause build up
* Replenishes moisture & repairs dry brittle hair
* Softens dry, scratchy dreadlocks
* Aids in the treatment of Dandruff 
* Can be left in or used as a pre shampoo treatment
* Grapeseed oil & Tocopheral (natural antioxidant) base
* High quality pure essential oils for added hair and aromatherapy benefits
* Rich in Vitamin E & linoleic acid to promote hair growth

ENERGISE: Peppermint and Lavender – such a refreshing combo! It’s hard not to feel energised with the zingy uplifting aroma of Peppermint. The more subtle floral notes of Lavender provides balance and together they can sooth irritated scalps and skin.

SUITABLE FOR: It is best suited for dreadlocks where knots are not prone to slipping out and they are well on their way to maturity. Those with dry, brittle, damaged hair or scratchy irritating dreadlocks will benefit from the Quench oil range. If being used as an all over body moisturiser, it is suitable for all skin types.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: **Only a very small amount is needed!!  Place a small amount of oil into the palm of your hand and rub palms together. Apply to your dreadlocks by palm rolling, concentrating on the areas that are particularly dry and damaged which will likely be towards the ends. Starting with a small amount will allow you to work your way up, using more if necessary based on the condition of your hair. It can be left in or used as a pre shampoo treatment. In the event too much has been applied and your dreadlocks are feeling oily, it can be washed out with a residue free shampoo.

INGREDIENTS: Grapeseed Oil, Essential Oils dependent on flavour as above, Tocopherol (natural anti oxidant)


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